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East Midlands Heritage: An Updated Research Agenda and Strategy for the Historic Environment of the East Midlands 
FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS AND CONTACT DETAILS The project Steering Group will review progress on research across the East Midlands at annual meetings, initially over a  five-year period, with the aim of ensuring that the publication remains an up to date resource. We have received valuable  feedback since publication on a variety of projects in progress and would welcome information on other new research  across the region. We would be grateful if comments could be sent to David Knight (dknight@yorkat.co.uk), who will  ensure that this is taken into account by the Steering Group during the discussion of annual updates.   It is proposed that Agenda Topics and Research Objectives be reviewed systematically at the end of the review period,  following which a revised Agenda and Strategy will be prepared. This revision will involve a further stage of stakeholder  liaison, with the aim of ensuring that the document continues to reflect accurately the views of the region's historic  environment community. Until that time, revision will focus upon ensuring that the publication text remains accurate and  up to date. We are also keen to expand our email distribution list so that all who are interested in the evolving Agenda and Strategy  may be contacted about future updates and events. Please contact David Knight if you would like to be added to this  growing list.  Excavations on and around the Iron Age hillfort at Burrough Hill in Leicestershire are planned to continue until 2014 and  will serve to refine our questions about the origins and development of hillforts and analogous sites (Research Objective 4D;  photograph: D. Knight)   Introduction Developing the Strategy Top 
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