The Project Team
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The Project Team The Nottingham Caves Survey is run by Trent & Peak Archaeology, part of The York Archaeological Trust.  
Nottingham Caves Survey
Trent & Peak Archaeology / The University of Nottingham
Dr David Strange-Walker The project was instigated by Dr David Strange-Walker. David worked as a field archaeologist from the early 1990s for Trent & Peak Archaeology in its various incarnations, working mostly in the East Midlands but also on archaeological projects in Syria, Ireland, Barbados and the USA. David had become fascinated with the potential of laser scanners for archaeological and heritage work since seeing one in action in 2003, and fascinated by Nottingham’s caves since visiting one for the first time in 1977. In 2015 he moved on to become a full-time surveyor.
Dr David Walker
Transport  The Nottingham Caves Survey aims to undertake its fieldwork with as little motorized transport as possible. Not only is the use of a car or van rather resource-hungry, it is also difficult and expensive to park in the city centre! The project was designed from the outset to be delivered by trailer-pulling bicycle. All our kit is carried in large aluminium boxes, on Carry Freedom trailers. It’s easy, cheap, and environmentally friendly.  
Trailer-pulling bicycles
Dr Emily Stammitti Emily Stammitti has now taken over the project lead at Trent & Peak Archaeology. Emily joined TPA in 2015.  
Julia Clarke
Scott Lomax Scott Lomax is the project’s documentary and archival expert. Over the past months Scott has located, collated and digitised well over 4000 documents, plans, and photographs relating to Nottingham’s caves, from the 18th century to the present day. All this material is now linked to the project GIS, and some will be available through the website.
Project Team