What about my cave?
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What about my cave? We would like to survey all the caves beneath Nottingham. If you own a cave or you know someone with a cave, please get in touch. Surveying is painless and free, and doesn’t take long. Your cave is an important part of Nottingham’s history!  
Nottingham Caves Survey
Trent & Peak Archaeology / The University of Nottingham
Surveying your cave If there’s a cave in your garden, or under your house or place of work, we’d like to add it to the database. Please fill in the form below, or contact us by email, letter, or telephone. What happens? The survey team of two archaeologists would visit you at a time of your choosing, including evenings and weekends. We would bring all necessary equipment with us. We would make notes on the condition, size, features of and access to the cave, take photographs of it, and then survey it with a laser scanner. This is a non-contact survey technique which allows millions of accurate survey points to be recorded in only a few minutes. The whole process should take less than an hour for a single cave. You will have full control over how much detail is publicly accessible through the website. What counts as a cave? Good question! We’re counting any man-made cut into the natural sandstone, as long as some sandstone is visible. So a fully brick-lined cellar we would normally not count, but a brick cellar with part of one wall showing the natural sandstone we would like to include. If you have exposed rock in your garden with rooms, cupboards or alcoves cut into it, we’d like to survey that too. And if your brick cellar or terraced garden looks like it should be surveyed, even if it doesn’t fit those criteria for a cave, do contact us anyway. We’d be happy to come out and have a look! Why should I let you in my house? All Nottingham’s caves are important, not only the famous ones. To know how many there are, what they all do, how far they extend, and whether your cave is a unique example or is representative of a type, it needs to be on the database. Recording your cave will help protect not only that cave but all caves, and help to preserve Nottingham’s unique and fragile resource for future generations.
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What about  my cave?