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The Nottingham Caves Survey The Project hopes to survey and document all of Nottingham’s caves. We will visit as many as possible, note what’s there and what condition they’re in, photograph them, and survey them with a laser scanner. Each cave will be added to the database and to the website.  
Nottingham Caves Survey
About the Nottingham Caves Survey The Nottingham Caves Survey is the first part of the Caves of Nottingham Regeneration Project (CoNoRP). This is a two-and-a-half year project funded by the Greater Nottingham Partnership, East Midlands Development Agency, English Heritage, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham City Council. The project intends to take a fresh look at Nottingham’s caves and encourage the City and its visitors to appreciate the caves for the unique historical resource they are. The Nottingham Caves Survey will build on the work of British Geological Survey in the 1980s. The BGS Register of Caves (still available from the BGS) documented all known caves in Nottingham. We will revisit all caves listed in the Register and update the information about those caves. All caves that can be physically accessed will be surveyed with a 3D laser scanner, producing a full measured record of the caves in three dimensions. This ‘point cloud’ of millions of individual survey points can be cut and sliced into plans and sections, ‘flown through’ in short videos, and examined in great detail either on the web through the TruView Internet Explorer plug-in or on a fixed PC with suitable software. Archaeology One of the major goals of the project is to assess the archaeological importance of Nottingham’s caves. Some are currently scheduled monuments and are of great local and national importance.
About the Project